Features Overview

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Key Features:
     • Easy to configure and use Windows GUI application.
     • Quick setup time means you will be generating reports from your RADIUS logs within minutes.
     • Supports all well known RADIUS server accounting log formats.
     • Generates 'Usage' reports showing user usage patterns and aiding in diagnosis of connection problems.
     • Generates 'Billing' reports for internal charge back and cost allocation purposes.
     • Ideal for Wireless Infrastructure usage reporting and billing.
     • Ability to group users, and hence view reports by Site/Location, Group/Department.
     • Concise analysis of even the largest RADIUS accounting logs.
     • A true RADIUS log analysis and reporting tool. No intermediate databases to setup or import log
       data to before generating reports. No hidden Implementation or Database licensing costs.

Automatic detection and support for the following RADIUS accounting log file formats:
     • Livingston
     • Microsoft IAS (Both Database Compatible and Standard format)
     • CSV formatted accounting logs

Verified to work with the following RADIUS Servers and Client Devices:
     • Microsoft IAS RADIUS *Both 'Database compatible file format' and 'IAS standard format' are supported in Windows 2000/2003 Server.
     • Livingston
     • Funk Steel Belted Radius
     • CISCO Secure (ACS)
     • Novell BorderManager (BMAS) RADIUS Services *Standard log format is preferred.  E.g.   LOAD RADIUS fileFormat = standard
     • SafeWord PremierAccess
     • RSA ACE/Server * In ACE/Server 5.X and greater Text Format (standard) is the preferred accounting log format.
     • ClearBox RADIUS Server (www.xperiencetech.com)
     • Aradial RADIUS Server (www.aradial.com)
     • TCCRadius (Talon Computer Consulting Radius)*Compatibility mode enabled via 'radrep.ini' configuration parameter.
     • Aventail
     • Juniper
     • Nortel
     • 3Com
     • Ascend Radius
     • Lucent NavisRadius
     • ActivCard/ActivPack AAA RADIUS *ActivPack Logs must be converted to Livingston Logs first using the 'activ2liv.exe' conversion utility .
     • Shiva/Intel
     • FreeRADIUS
     • Cistron RADIUS
     • Radiator
     • .....plus many others

Usage Reporting capabilities:
     • Usage Summary report showing a summary of activity for each site, group and user.
     • Usage Detailed report shows a detailed connection history of each user's activity.
     • NAS Reports showing summary and detailed usage statistics per NAS/RAS device.
     • Concurrency report showing the maximum concurrency reached on each NAS/RAS device and its duration.
     • Active Users report showing those users still connected at the end of the report period on each NAS/RAS device.
     • Microsoft IAS Access Accept/Deny report showing successful and failed access attempts.
     • Log Statistics report showing the number of START/STOP/INTERIM records processed and duplicate records found.
     • Historical Report archiving provides the ability to archive reports for future reference.
     • Report drill down capabilities allow you to view user and group usage patterns in fine detail.
     • Selectable SITE/GROUP/USER Hierarchy for reporting on select users or communities of users.
     • Usage Reports can be customized to show only those RADIUS attribute fields you are interested in.
     • Reports can be filtered on a NAS-IP-Address so that NAS specific reports can be produced.

Billing Reports for internal charge-back purposes:
     • Billing Summary Report showing usage totals and costs per 'Site/Group'.
     • Billing Detailed Report showing usage totals and costs per 'User'.
     • Charges can be applied to users based on their usage time or the data volume they transfer.
     • Up to 50 Billing Templates provide the ability to charge different Sites, Groups and Users at different rates.
     • Ability to define:
           - 'Fixed Cost' line items associated with providing a Remote Access Service.
           - 'Variable' charge rate for time based usage.
           - The amount of usage time that the 'Fixed Cost' line item covers before
              the 'Variable' charge rate also begins to apply.
           - A 'Per Connect' charge rate for session based billing.
           - A 'Data Volume' charge rate based on the amount of data sent/received.
           - A 'Data Volume' allowance and apply the data volume based charge rate if it is exceeded..
           - A localized TAX rate.
     • Currency symbol support includes dollars ($), Pounds (£), Euro (€), Yen (¥) and others.
     • Reports can show overall cost totals and averages, by Site, by Group, by User.

Report output formats:
     • HTML for viewing in Internet Explorer and other web browsers.
     • CSV for viewing and further manipulation in Microsoft Excel.

Log file input options:
     • Ability to define two nominated RADIUS logs to process (Primary and/or Secondary), OR
     • Define a directory and a specified log file extension. (E.g. *.act, *.log)
        in order to process all logs residing in a directory and its sub-directories..

'Auto Run' mode:
     • Allows RADREP to be run automatically via the Windows scheduler or a batch file.
     • Ideal for having it periodically update web based RADIUS reports hosted on a web server.

Recommended Hardware & Software:
     • PIII 500MHz or better
     • 512MB RAM *More RAM will increase the processing speed of large logs.
     • ATA100 HDD *Hard Disk Speed is important. The faster the better.
     • Windows 2000/2003 with optional web server (IIS) installed for
        hosting the web based reports.

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